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The Los Alamos Mountaineers have been using llamas to support our adventures in the Canyon Country for over 13 years.  Frankly, it is a lot easier than hauling gear on your own back. We have used llama packing companies in both Colorado and Utah.  The llamas are agile and well suited for the rugged terrain of the Utah canyons, able to get us into wild and beautiful places. The Escalante country has no end of hidden places. As busy as the wilderness can get, nowadays, the Escalante is still a place of solitude - we usually see no one other than ourselves in our weeklong trips. With llamas, one can carry a little more than the "necessities." By adding folding tables and chairs, a two-burner stove, and a few boxes of good wine, our large group camps in comfortable, and eats well. Llama2boot always goes the extra mile to make it a quality llama packing experience, and doesn't rest until we and our gear are settled. It is critical that a packer be reliable, and BJ will do whatever it takes - sometimes a 14-hour day - to get us there or back. I highly recommend llama2boot for drop camps and any organized hiking groups!

~Bill Priedhorsky, Los Alamos Mountaineers trip leader

I have been hiking, backpacking, and enjoying the Boulder and Escalante Canyons area of Utah for years, by myself and with friends. In the past few years I have enlisted the services of BJ Orozco (owner of llama2boot) and his wonderful llamas to explore deep into Escalante River canyons. The llamas enable me to carry more gear and to enjoy the backcountry much longer and more comfortably than I would otherwise be able to do.  BJ is organized and well prepared, yet easy to work with. We have been able to explore new places ... resulting in fabulous adventures- and the llamas are delightful!

~ Jane, SLC

As a professional photographer I have used llama2boot as an outfitter for photo workshops in the canyons of the Escalante. The llamas pack in all the gear for a large group staying in the backcountry for 4 nights. The outfitting gear provided is all top quality, and functional with comfort in mind. BJ is an excellent backcountry cook! All our meals are proportioned right, healthy, and satisfying. Llama2boot is a great component to a successful workshop.

~Bruce Barnbaum, Barnbaum photography

I attend all of Bruce Barnbaum’s photography workshops as both instructor for digital photography and assistant guide for the photographers. One thing I appreciate is BJ's flexibility as a guide and outfitter. As a vegan, BJ always makes sure to accommodate my needs in cooking preparations without making a fuss. I get well-balanced, healthy meals that are integrated from the same ingredients as the group's meal. I have also hired llama2boot for private trips to explore deep into the canyons with all my bulky photography gear. Great way to see the light of the Canyons!

~Dr. Don Romes, photographer/ explorer

BJ takes me out fly-fishing to remote canyon streams that otherwise see only one or two other anglers a year. The trout are as wild as the canyons! Though small, wild stream trout are fun and challenging for any level of angler. The llamas make it possible to stay out in the backcountry for extended time with all the gear, food, and beer we need.

~Mike Leed, fly fishing enthusiast