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llama2boot is proud to offer llama packing services tailored to the needs and objectives of each group. Options for services and destinations may vary based on factors such as time of year, group size, ability level, and camp accommodations.   

The following options may be used as a framework to customize your excursion.

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llama2boot Service Options

Drop Camps


Full Service

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Drop camps are designed for campers who have ample experience in the Utah backcountry and therefore don't require a guide for their adventure, but want the provisions that will enable them to spend more than a day hiking in the canyons. 

For some people, backpacks are no longer a possibility due to physical limitations. Drop camps are the perfect solution for these campers.

A handler will help pack your gear, load the llamas, and lead the llamas with your gear to your group’s base camp.

llamas are hiked back out until your pick-up date.

llamas return with handler to be loaded and haul your group's gear out to the trailhead.

* NO guide for dayhikes

Outfitting backcountry trips in Southern Utah.

Llama2boot offers complete backcountry outfitting, from tents to toilet. 

Outfitting can include all food, cooking, kitchen equipment, and camping gear your group needs to have a comfortable, safe camp.

The llamas not only pack in all camp gear, but they also pack in a full kitchen. 

* No guide for day hikes. 

A full-service llama pack trip with llama2boot is the experience of a lifetime! 

Spend five days in the wilderness, fully outfitted. A professional-quality kitchen, safe, cozy campsite, and all necessities are included.

 Full Service trips offer fantastic backcountry cooking and most importantly, a fun and knowledgeable guide for day hikes.

All food and camp gear included.