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Price List

Each llama trip is unique. 

Destination, group size, outfitting, and guide services are customized to your needs. Please use this list to help estimate the cost of your trip.

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Price and Payment

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Po Box 1506
Boulder, UT

Drop Camps

llama handler  $250 per day of use.
Pack llama       $90 per day of use.
Permit fee         $100 - $200 trip
Insurance          $100 - $250 trip
Travel                $50 - $250 trip

Average Drop Camp service for a group of four, with six llamas for four-five days will cost about $1,800. Only $450 per person!


This service has the most variables. Food and gear choices are custom chosen for each trip in accordance to groups' needs and size.

Food Service    $40 - $65 per person, per day

Necessary camp gear (tent, pad, and sleeping bag)
                     $250 trip, per person

Camp Equipment (tables, chairs, shower, sanitation, cookware, etc.)
                           $100 - $400 trip

Please view the llama2boot Outfitting page for detailed information about gear options.  Also visit the llama2boot backcountry catering page for examples of outfitting menu choices.

Full-Service Custom llama pack trips

Full-service llama pack trips with llama2boot average $900- $1,800 per person. The price includes guide service and complete outfitting for a five-day, four-night llama pack trip. Customize your camp options, group size, and destination.

Tax: Boulder, UT sales tax is 9%

*50% non-refundable deposit required to reserve dates