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Outfitting - llama2boot provides outfitting service with or without guide service. This option is predominantly for organized groups that are self-guided but benefit from having a camp cook and all camp gear provided.

Photography workshops are a great example of the type of group to use the outfitting service.  The group can focus on the goal of photography without the time constraints of cooking and dealing with camp chores. 

Groups that are flying cross-country and don't want to lug all their camp gear to Utah can also take advantage of this service.

Outfitting gear is all top-quality, in excellent to new condition, and proven reliable in the rugged canyon environment.

Gear for full outfitting includes all camp gear, kitchen gear, and sleeping necessities.

Please visit the PRICE and PAYMENT page to calculate your group’s needs.

Visit the BC Catering page for some menu ideas for your trip.

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